Tuesday, 17 October 2017




DATED: 02ND JUNE, 2015

“SCCI an important stakeholder and the representative of the Private Sector, is always welcome for discussion on pertinent issues affecting both the consumers and businesses”, the statement of Mr. Francis Lebon, the Deputy CEO of the Fair Trading Company. Mr. Lebon made this opening comment to welcome the SCCI Chairman, Mr. Marco Francis, the Vice Chairman Mr. Dolor Ernesta and Mr. Rod Thorrington, a Councilor, in a meeting initiated by the SCCI.

The meeting was initiated as certain wholesalers brought their concerns to SCCI in regards to some problems they are facing with certain retailers. Concerns were mainly of none and late payment by retailers after purchasing their products. There are also issues where cheques are bounced back and this cause delays in payment. The wholesalers felt that they are not protected directly under the law and that court processes takes too long. Mr. Francis pointed out that there seems to be a ”cartel” amongst the bigger wholesalers whereby they can have larger credit limit to the retailers unlike the small wholesalers. Mr. Francis mentioned that this practice can destabilize the smaller wholesaler and this may cause closure of businesses due to lack of incoming funds and debts.

To this, Mr. Lebon remarked that the FTC and the law does not allow for certain companies or businesses to control the economy, only because of the fact that they have more capitals. He said that all should benefit and the FTC is doing its utmost to try and control or minimize these kinds of practices. Mr. Lebon mentioned that there is the Commercial Court already in operation and the Board of Commissioners that attend to these matters. He said unlike the main Court the Commercial court processes are faster. Mr. Lebon also said that the FTC will not allow a certain group or businesses to take control of certain sectors. Mr. Lebon made it clear however it is sometimes difficult to take actions against these businesses as there are no formal complaints of lack of proof. However, he said that a thorough investigation will be done as to get to the bottom of this matter.

Mr. Ernesta and Mr. Thorrington, The SCCI Vice Chairman and Councilor respectively, agreed that this will not be an easy task as the economy is an open and free market. They however support the steps taken by FTC to minimize the unfair competition amongst businesses and companies. 

Another issue of discussion was that of the services rendered by Intelvision. Mr. Francis said that certain members approached his office complaining about the Intelvision services. Mr. Lebon informed the SCCI representatives that the FTC has already started some work in regards to the mentioned telecom company and remedies has been applied. He said that the measures taken, has shown a decrease in pertinent complaints from the consumers. MR. Lebon also mentioned that FTC has taken steps to address the un-competitiveness amongst businesses and the Private Sector will be invited to participate in the discussions. The SCCI representatives welcomed this and gave their commitments to continue working with FTC for the betterment of not only the businesses but also the consumers and clients.

To end on his part, Mr. Lebon expressed his satisfaction of the SCCI ready to partner with FTC and the continuation of exchanging information as well as ideas on how to move forwards.

On his part, Mr. Francis, the SCCI Chairman, congratulates Mr. Lebon and his team for the good work they have started and as Mr. Lebon as well as both SCCI representatives present, he wishes for a long lasting working relationship with FTC.