Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Labor Day Message from SCCI Chairman, Mr. Marco Francis



    Message for the International Labor Day 2015

 From SCCI Chairman- Marco Francis

The International Labor day provides to us the opportune time to convey our message of gratitude to all those hardworking men and women who works hard every day to keep our country going. I would like to especially reach out today to the business community who provides employment to 72.6% of the working population.

While there are, today, some welcome signs of economic improvement, businesses are still finding it hard to survive in this economic environment given the various factors affecting businesses.

The SCCI wishes to see for all the workers in Seychelles the continuous availability of good jobs for our people, for workers rights to be respected and that no one is left behind, for equality in work places and that we all can easily access the public services we need every day. 

On a closing note, I would like to make an appeal that we all put our differences aside and work hard together in solidarity with our different partners. Indeed, this is the easiest way to get our goals accomplished and move forward as a country.

I would like to once again extend my sincere good wishes for International Labor Day to all workers.