Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Zanmbian Arts & Culture Deputy Minister, Mrs. Esther Banda visit SCCI Chairman, Mr. Marco Francis and Secretary General, Mrs. Juliette Sicobo-Azais


Zambian Deputy Minister with Chairman.JPG

Chamber of Commerce Meeting with Deputy Minister of

Zambia for Culture and Arts - Mrs. Esther Banda


The Zambian Deputy Minister for Culture & Arts, Mrs. Esther Banda, paid a courtesy visit to the SCCI Secretariat this morning. Mr. Marco Francis, the SCCI Chairman and Mrs. Juliette Sicobo-Azais, the SCCI Secretary General welcomed the delegation in the SCCI Board Room.

The discussions evolved around the Trade between the two countries and other African countries.

“Better understanding of each culture is very important so as to better trade with each individual countries” said the SCCI Chairman, Mr. Marco Francis.

Business Innovation was another point of discussion during the meeting.  It was mentioned by Mr. Francis, that the Government supports the SME’s with funding, to launch their businesses.

Many other points were raised mainly on the importance of Public and Private sector dialogues. Mr. Francis explained to the delegation that the SCCI has representatives on most of the Governmental National Boards and the working relationship with the Government has been very fruitful.

Mrs. Banda has expressed her satisfaction with the warm welcome she has received upon arrival in the Seychelles and thanked Mr. Francis for the welcoming in the SCCI Secretariat. Mrs. Banda said that she is looking forward to attend the Carnival on Saturday, where Zambia is being represented by dancers in the parade.

Mr. Francis took the opportunity to formally invite the Zambian delegation to the FETAFRIK EXPO that will be held in May 2015. In return, the Zambian Deputy Minister has personally invited Mr. Francis to a working visit very soon in Zambia.