Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Cross Sector meeting with all Ministers

The Cross Sector meeting with all Ministers, the SHTA, Seychelles Chamber of Commerce (SCCI) has taken place on Friday March 20, 2015. In attendance for the SCCI were Chairman Marco Francis, Vice Chairman Dolor Ernesta, Christopher Gill for Praslin and William Rose.

The meeting was earnest and frank, addressing core economic issues that Seychelles is facing.
The Chairman Marco Francis said that it is very important if we can get every one on the same page, in earnest dialogue so we all understand what we are dealing with, and that government makes the right decisions to help the private sector and ordinary Seychelles citizens in this challenging era we are now facing.
Primary issues discussed were as follows: 1. public Safety and approach to reducing crime, 2. the need for increase connectivity into Seychelles from Europe , India, and China 3. Resolution of the unpredictable pricing of domestic airfares which was hurting Praslin and La Digue, 4. Discussion on where and how we can reduce taxes, while at the same time increasing national Yield, 5. Seychelles positioning in light of a faltering Euro.

Subcommittee meetings will take place to address these issues, and SCCI remains committed to seek out what is good for business.

What is good for business is good for all of Seychelles.