Tuesday, 17 October 2017


SCCI sets up Tourism and SCCI Constitution Review sub-committees

At its first seating held on Wednesday 4th March 2015, the newly elected Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industries Council has set up two sub-committees to attend to specific and urgent matters pertaining to the evolution of the chamber.

Newly re-elected Chairman Marco Francis chaired the meeting which decided to set up a subcommittee for tourism.

“We felt that the sector warrants specific attention being the main pillar of the economy and as it is currently facing certain challenges, so we created the sub- committee, which is headed by Mr. John Stravens, a veteran in tourism. Part of the mandate of the sub-committee is to  into relook the U first campaign and re-launch it under the slogan “I love Seychelles”, in line with this year’s national theme,” Francis said.

The council also set up a sub-committee to review the chamber’s constitution. Francis said that during the last AGM some members have raised issues about certain clauses in the constitution.

“We have decided to invite some of those same members to form part of the review committee so that if necessary we can put forward proposals for amendments at the next general meeting, Mr. Ralph Volcère will head this committee,” he concluded.