Monday, 16 October 2017

UNCTAD Consultant visit SCCI

UNCTAD Consultant visit SCCI

Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Vice Chairman Mr Dolor Ernesta, Secretary General Mrs Germaine Michaud, Trade Promotion Officer and Communications Officer met with United Nation Conference on Trade and Development consultants Mr Carl G Buik and Mr Alex Kububa at the SCCI boardroom to discuss the review of the Fair Trading Commission in Seychelles.

During the meeting the discussion revolved around the Fair Trading Act of Seychelles. What transpired was that the fair trading Commission was still in its infancy, and was not yet as visible as such an organisation should be.

The Fair trading Commission has been in existence for three years now and they requested an independent review.The issues discussed during the meeting with the SCCI included the quality of products hitting the local market and the lack of equipment capacity to test the products.

Another point raised was the competition which local producers face against imported goods. This is mainly with agricultural products. Meats are imported and sold at a cheaper rate than locally produced items, hence the collapse of the livestock sector. The collapse of the sector has affected crop production due to lack of manure.

The SCCI and UNCTAD representatives hope that Fair Trade Laws will be implemented once the commercial court becomes operational.