Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Chairman Francis meets Country Manager of Airtel


Chairman Francis meets Country Manager of AIRTEL.The Chairman of Seychelles Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), Mr Marco Francis, met yesterday 15th April 2013, with the Country Manager of Airtel, Mr Vikram Sinha. The meeting was firstly for discussion on the work opportunities and new possibilities, for business ventures and information, on prices and profitability for all in Seychelles.Airtel is one of the prominent Telecom Operators in Seychelles and provides its services in Mahe and mainly, to many offices in Victoria.Mr Vikram and the Chairman of SCCI,  agreed that the growth of business in Seychelles is through cooperation, education and promotion of small businesses.

 **Through SCCI (as representative of the Business Community) we believe that Airtel should do more educational publicity for the general public to become more aware of the services it has to offer including internet and telecommunication, and in so doing get more business possibilities and reduce prices and yet become more profitable for all.**

One of the main concerns, in the discussion was the CSR, since Airtel contributes a lot in various projects in our Society.Mr Francis explained that SCCI has been in touch with the Ministry of Finance and both parties have come to a common ground for the year 2013, which the Ministry will announce soon, and SCCI is working on a proposition for 2014 onwards.

Airtel is now becoming a member of the SCCI and has Mr Vikram Sinha has agreed to   provide SCCI with free internet connection for one year. Mr Francis conveys his appreciation and thanks to the Airtel Chief for his support toward such an important Institution in Seychelles.