Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Bank of Ceylon visits the SCCI

 Delegation from bank of Ceylon visits the SCCI

SCCI Vice Chairman Mr Ernesta and Secretary General Mrs Germaine Michaud met with the Bank of Ceylon Chairman Mr Gamini Wickramasighe and Assistant General Manager (overseas Branches) Mr Ranjith Haputhanthri on Friday October 19. The Bank of Ceylon is situated in Colombo Sri Lanka. The visitors are in Seychelles at the invitation of the President of the Republic who recently visited Sri Lanka. The bankers are looking at the possibility of increasing investment in the fisheries sector in Seychelles.After further discussions, Mr Gamini and Mr Ranjith seemed interested in looking at other sectors for investment and local banking partners.The current exchange between Sri Lanka and Seychelles involves the exportation of dried fish and labour force.

To be noted the Seychelles Trading Company already imports raw tea from Sri Lanka, which they blend and repack.It was suggested that cashew nuts and construction materials be added to the list of products imported from Sri Lanka. Furthermore tourism would be an area to look at and introduce a two island holiday.To establish such a relationship the Chairman suggested that a delegation from the Seychelles visit Sri Lanka and evaluate the situation, this could be arranged through the Chamber of Commerce of Sri Lanka.